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Week 16 and Finals Week: That’s All, Folks!

This will be my final update to the class website, so I should probably write something profound about what we’ve accomplished this semester. Realistically, though, I know that most of you are busy with final papers, final projects, and final exams, so I will keep this short and save my wistful reflections for our last class session. Here’s the schedule for Week 16:

On Tuesday, we will finish Always On by discussing pages 161–236. Adam will lead our class discussion that day in Ross 420. In addition to discussing the reading assignment, we will complete the university-required course evaluation. The questions on that form are important, but I am much more interested in your feedback about topics that aren’t on the standard form. Hence, I will ask you to answer a few short questions that will help me do a better job of teaching this course (or another one like it) in the future. Before you come to class, think about what we read, what you wrote (and when), and how we conducted our class discussions; you’ll have the chance to give me feedback on all of these topics.

On Thursday, we will spend most of the class session in an informal peer-review workshop. Please bring a printed rough draft of your final paper to Ross 406. It’s OK if your final paper is still quite rough; just bring what you have and be ready to read a few other drafts and ask your classmates tough questions about their papers. If time permits, we will discuss a case study about blogging and professionalism. I will send you a PDF copy of the case via email; please read it before class and bring a printed copy of the case to class.

We will not meet as a class during finals week, so the last thing you need to do for English 411 is submit your final paper to my mailbox in Ross 206. Final papers are due no later than 11:45 a.m. on Friday, May 8. If you’d like to discuss your paper, please come see me during office hours this week, or email me to set up an appointment during finals week.

Thank you for a truly outstanding semester!

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