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Week 15: Always Reading Always On

Welcome to Week 15! Only two more weeks to go, and only one more book on our hefty reading list: Always On, by Naomi S. Baron. I think it’s fitting that in an English class, we conclude the semester with a book that focuses specifically on the role that language plays in online environments. On Tuesday, Whitney will lead us in a discussion of pages xi–98. (We’ll meet in Ross 420.) On Thursday, Robert will lead us in a discussion of pages 99–160. (Watch for an email about where we’ll meet.)

A reminder about your small additional reading assignment: please read the photocopied pages from They Say / I Say before class on Tuesday and bring that handout to class. We’ll spend a bit of time on Tuesday and Thursday talking about strategies for the final paper, so come ready to ask specific questions about what is (and isn’t) appropriate for your paper.

Last but definitely not least, don’t forget that Tuesday is the final due date for short papers. According to my records, everyone needs to submit a short paper on Tuesday. I will do my best to grade these quickly and get them back to you during Week 16. (When I’m grading 17 papers this week, I’ll remind myself to give my students more rigid deadlines next semester. So much for my experiment with flexibility!)

If you have questions about your final paper, or about anything else related to class, please stop by during my office hours (immediately after class) or send me an email.

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