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Week 14: Remixing English 411

I apologize for posting this update so late in the weekend. (It’s Sunday night, so technically this is still the weekend!) Here’s a quick reminder about what we’ll be doing this week:

On Tuesday, we will meet in Ross 420, then walk to Howe Hall to hear the keynote speech at the ComETS Symposium. The keynote will be given by George Siemens, a professor at the University of Manitoba who is best known for a pedagogical theory known as “connectivism.” Please take a few minutes to review some of the sites linked on Siemens’ biography page before class on Tuesday.

On Thursday, Alyssa will lead us in a discussion as we plow through two days’ worth of Remix. Please read pages 177–224 (Tuesday’s assignment) and 225–294 (Thursday’s assignment) before class. (If remembering page numbers isn’t your strong suit, I can simplify things: please finish reading Remix before class on Thursday.)

Finally, I have decided to bump the final short paper due date from this Thursday (the 16th) to next Tuesday (the 21st). I hope the extra days will be helpful during this hectic time of the semester. If you’d like to meet with me to discuss ideas for your final short paper, please come see me during office hours on Thursday. (I will need to cancel my office hours on Tuesday, since I’ll be staying at the ComETS Symposium for the rest of the afternoon.)

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